Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our new Tot Tool

There is a awesome blog that features lots of super cool tot tools, AKA Tools For Tots . The moms that created these super cool ideas have been blessed with creativity that I just do NOT possess. However I feel like my brain goes in a thousand different directions when I walk into a Dollar Store trying to come up with a new tool to use on the kiddos. I was in Target last week and in their "Dollar Spot" they had fall decorations. I found a packet of 60 mini pumpkin erasers. I had NO clue what I would do with them but figured I could come up with something. Then the same evening I was at the Dollar Tree, and came across a 7 day pill holder. My brain started churning and I came up with a great idea! I combined a pill holder, pumpkin erasers, and my label maker and created our own tot tool! I made 10 labels - #'s 1-10. Then H4 opens the pill holder labeled "1" and puts in, one pumpkin, then closes it. Next she will open pill holder "2" and put in two pumpkins, and continue to do so until they are all done. Then she dumps them out, and does it all over again. She loved it! She had a new math tool that also helped her with her motor skills!

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